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Are you looking to improve communication and collaboration within your team?  Do you want to optimize health and performance?  Would you like a positive and uplifting work environment where people are generally happier and healthier with more motivation and focus?  Our workshops are designed to do just that.  We give you and your team low cost and accessible resources you can use to work more effectively and efficiently.  Through a series of fun and engaging activities, your team will learn how to utilize a growth mindset, cold water immersion and breathwork techniques to improve cognitive performance, strengthen the immune system and master the stress response. This allows you to stay calm and think rationally in stressful situations.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your team to the next level. 


Workshops include a presentation regarding the science of cold water immersion and cyclical hyperventilation.  Two acute stressors that significantly improve cognitive performance and physical health.  Cold immersion training, also known as cold water immersion or cold water therapy, is the exposure to cold water for a short period of time.  It reduces inflammation, improves cardiovascular function, boosts the immune system, decreases stress and speeds up recovery after injuries or workouts.  It optimizes metabolism by converting white fat into brown fat and floods the body with neurotransmitters that positively impact mood, motivation and focus.  It's appropriate to think of as an extreme form of exercise.  In fact, it is the only form of exercise (or drug) on the market that can boost the bodies catecholamines 2-3x through a simple thirty second to one minute protocol.  Another benefit of cold water immersion is learning how to relax in the midst of stress.  Through consistent practice, one learns how to master the stress response.  This adapted response transfers over into other domains, thus improving quality of life.  

Workshops include a series of guided breathwork techniques from a licensed professional.  One of these techniques is known as cyclical hyperventilation.  This consists of a series of deep breaths followed by a retention that triggers the release of large amounts of adrenaline into the body.  This gives the practitioner access into their autonomic nervous system, as well as a familiarity of the onset of adrenaline rushes while in a safe and controlled environment.  Not only is adrenaline released into the bloodstream, but cell messaging proteins and endorphins flood the body as well.  This directly influences the innate immune system.  Many people have reported a deep sense of relaxation during the breath retention portion of the exercise, as well as a profound sense of well-being.  This breathwork has been scientifically proven to fight off viruses and reduce acute and chronic inflammation.  These deep breathing exercises are intense and require the guidance of a trained professional.  


Athletes, fire fighters, police officers, search and rescue teams, EMT's, physical rehabilitation centers, mental health clinics, businesses and sports teams... really anyone looking to improve their health and performance, hosting a workshop may just be for you!  Train the Brain serves all over Michigan and beyond.  We custom fit workshops specific to your desires and bring an uplifting and contagious energy to you and your team.  Below you will find a general event schedule for a typical workshop and furthermore detailed explanations of different types of workshops and classes.

General Event Schedule
90 Minutes - Meet & Greet, Science, Breathing Protocols, Breathwork
30 Minutes - Break, Drinks & Snacks, Restrooms, Change into swimwear
90 Minutes - Light Stretching / Warm-up, Cold Exposure Training, Ice Baths

Learn and share techniques that Wim used to attain 26 Guinness World Records with friends, family, co-workers or anyone who is looking to improve health and performance!


Wim Hof Method Workshop Video

In his endeavor to share the benefits of a growth mindset, breathwork and cold immersion with others, Tim has received all 5 star reviews on the Official Wim Hof Method website, personal website and google business page.  Tim offers a variety of workshops and classes;

Individual Session
Breathwork Class
Fundamentals Wim Hof Method Workshop
Advanced Wim Hof Method Workshop

Tim is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the only level two Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor in the State of Michigan.  He brings a unique set of skills and training into workshops.  He has coached division one collegiate level athletics and trained others in outdoor leadership.  Tim has run workshops for local businesses, gyms, yoga studios, police departments and fire stations.  Simply send an email or give Tim a call to inquire about setting up a workshop tailored specifically to your needs.  We look forward to serving you.
Wim Hof Method Workshop Video
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For testimonials, check out the testimonials section of this website here
Check out Tim's profile on the Official Wim Hof Method Website below

Participants will be flooded with healthy and happy hormones that affect mood and energy levels!  For example, spending just thirty seconds to one minute in an ice bath raises nor-adrenaline levels over 500% and dopamine by 250%!  Nor-adrenaline = MOOD / Dopamine = ENERGY

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Participants will walk away with simple, powerful, easy-to-use tools that they can use from home for the rest of their lives!  Not only do participants take home skills to enhance quality and longevity of life, they strengthen bonds and build deeper connections with each other.   Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

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Timothy Mann, MA, LPC, SCL

To book a memorable experience for your players / guests / employees / clients or discuss details find our contact info below.

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