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Workshops, Classes & Courses

Train the brain caters a variety of workshops, classes and courses to a wide audience consisting of, but not limited to;  collegiate level sports teams, local businesses, corporations, police stations, fire stations, search and rescue teams, physical rehabilitation centers, mental health clinics, gyms, yoga studios and more.  Workshops have proven to be great for providing low cost and accessible resources to optimize health and performance.  Tim is on the cutting edge of scientific research, as he is currently co-authoring a research paper in collaboration with Wayne State Universities Behavioral Neuro-psych & Neurology departments.  

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Wim Hof Method Workshops

For the first time ever, science has recognized that we can voluntarily influence our autonomic nervous system, thus influencing our innate immune response significantly, thanks to Wim (link).  The Wim Hof Method (WHM) can be defined as a collection of simple and powerful tools that optimize health.  These tools (oxygen and cold water) are natural resources that are accessible and low-cost to nearly everyone.  What matters is knowing how to use them.  WHM connects circuitry within the central nervous system that changes our bodies response to stress, thus creating an adaptive biological defense system that allows us to deal with stressors of any kind, whether they be environmental, physical or emotional. 


By practicing the Wim Hof Method, the same stress response gets activated that has sustained life on the planet for thousands of years.  In these days and times with all the benefits of modern society, these controlled stress responses are more important than ever.  We are charting unknown territory as we move into the future, and sedentary lifestyles point in the direction of more health complications.  Like exercise, the WHM utilizes acute stressors that have proven to give us more control over our immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.


WHM consists of three pillars; committed mindset, a powerful breathing exercise and gradual cold exposure.  When these three pillars are combined appropriately they serve as the foundation to awaken neural circuitry that profoundly influences our state of mind and physical health.  You can think of the WHM as a bio-hack that has many benefits, some of them being that it significantly boosts nor-adrenaline and dopamine levels in the brain and body, thus greatly affecting our mood and energy.  The WHM has proven to strengthen resilience, recovery speed and cellular rejuvenation.  These benefits are hallmarks of longevity and an increased lifespan.


Train the Brain, LLC offers a variety of Wim Hof Method services including:

Fundamentals Workshop

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Advanced Workshop

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Breathing Classes

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Individual Sessions

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"The controlled release of adrenaline is medicine"

- Wim Hof

See the Official Wim Hof Method website for more information:

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