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Wim Hof Method Advanced Workshop

Duration:  3-4 hours (check times for each event)


Description: If you have some prior experience with the Wim Hof Method and are looking to dive deeper with the guidance of a certified instructor, an advanced workshop may just be for you.  Whether you have been practicing the breath work and cold immersion on your own or have attended a fundamentals workshop, the advanced event will enhance your practice and provide a variety of new tools and exercises to optimize health and self-control.  

Advanced workshops build upon the fundamentals breathwork, teaching two new breath work practices; power breathing and brown fat activation.  Power breathing is a continuation of the WHM fundamentals breath work, while brown fat activation teaches how to warm up the body and extremities after cold immersion.  A variety of cold exposure exercises are offered and depend on the setting of the specific workshop.  An Advanced Workshop offers the same small scale intimacy of a Fundamentals Workshop, with the same close personal attention that is essential when exploring the depths of body and mind.  Advanced workshops are limited to 25 participants.  There is time for discussion / Q & A afterward with the instructor. 

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is suitable for intermediate level Wim Hof Method practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Out of precaution, we advise against participation during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.

What you get: Participants will acquire powerful tools to optimize health that they can take home and use for the rest of their lives.  The Advanced Workshop includes further science behind the method (specifically in regards to enhanced performance), WHM power breathing, brown fat activation exercise and an opportunity for participants to try a wide variety of cold exposure techniques and training.  

What to bring: Water bottle, yoga mat, notebook, swimsuit, towel, flip flops and an open mind

Event Schedule

90 Minutes - Meet & Greet / Science / Breathing Protocols / Breath work
60 Minutes - Advanced Breath Work / Break / Change into Swimwear / Snacks
60 Minutes - Cold Exposure Training / Cold Exposure / Thermogenesis / Debrief

For more information about the WHM, check out the official Wim Hof Method website here:


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